Exilis For Body Tightening

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Exilis For Body Tightening

Most advanced non-surgical solution to body skin tightening.

  • The first and only device that combines gold standard radio frequency and ultrasound technologies
  • Promotes deep tissue rejuvenation to stimulate new collagen synthesis to rebuild skin’s foundation for enhanced firmness and elasticity
  • Ideal for the abdomen, knees, legs and the back of the arms
  • Visible results within 12 weeks
  • No surgery or downtime; you can resume normal activities immediately
  • A series is recommended to achieve optimal results

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Exilis For Body Tightening

Patient of Dr. Nussbaum

As I’ve aged and through my multiple pregnancies, the skin around my stomach lost its elasticity. Even though I strengthened my ab muscles I was always self-conscious about the extra skin that was there. This treatment has transformed my body and tightened my skin in a way that I never thought was possible without surgery!


Exilis is the first and only device to combine star technologies – radio frequency and ultrasound – to tighten lax skin around the body. This unique device uses a powerful heating-cooling cycle to promote skin remodeling and essential fiber production throughout the various skin layers. As a result, the skin’s foundational network is strengthened from the deep tissue to the superficial surface to restore skin’s firmness and improve the appearance of thinning and creping skin.


This non-surgical, no downtime procedure is the first of its kind to address and correct skin laxity and texture concerns around the body. Over a series of treatments, Exilis rebuilds the skin’s structure to tighten, firm and enhance texture. It is ideal for treating lax, stretched skin around the abdomen, knees, legs and arms. This quick in-office procedure allows you to resume your normal activities immediately.


Exilis is the most innovative solution to help patients tighten lax skin around the body. It is ideal for any patient looking to restore their skin’s firmness and enhance overall texture.

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    “We have so many new modalities to help patients achieve their body goals. For the first time, Exilis allows us to address all-over body skin laxity in an efficient and effective way.”

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