Maintaining Your Skin’s Health While Sleeping

We often joke about needing to get our beauty sleep to look our best during the day, but getting your beauty sleep is no joke! Sleeping is how our minds and bodies rebuild themselves after a long day, taking away our stresses and getting us ready for the next day’s challenges. Now, while we may not be awake or actually conscious, that doesn’t mean we can’t give our nightly sleep a leg-up to get most out of its beauty benefits!

Utilizing overnight masks and treatments are an excellent way to make use of your time in dreamland. There is a huge variety of overnight masks on the market which are used to remedy anything and everything, from acne, to wrinkles, to dry skin. For a super deep moisturization, I highly recommend the Fresh Black Tea Overnight Mask. Not only will it deeply moisturize your face, but it will also help your skin to achieve a firmer, lifted quality. But of course, my favorite overnight treatment (though not strictly a mask) are my Glow Pads! Perfect for every skin type, these nightly medicated multi-purpose pads help to brighten and smooth your skin with powerful AHA + BHA acids. To get some for yourself, just contact the office! You can also contact the office to set up a personalized consultation so that we can address your specific skin concerns head-on.

Another easy way to help your skin sleep is not actually another cream or mask, but a pillowcase! People often forget that their face is planted on a single thing for 6-9 hours a night, causing all the oils on their skin to get rubbed off, sticking to the pillowcase. It is because of this that it is paramount to frequently wash your pillowcases. This helps to negate acne, and helps keep you feeling fresh at night. Going beyond just changing a pillowcase often, is using a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases cause considerably less friction against the skin on your face (and on your hair) when you sleep, which allows for less crepe-ing to occur on your face. The smooth surface of a silk pillow literally allows for your skin to glide, and not catch, like what would happen with a normal cotton pillowcase. A silk pillowcase can also aid in your nightly creme routine by helping your face to retain moisture, whereas a normal pillowcase would cause a face mask to rub off during the night.

But with all these amazing treatments and tools at our disposal, we cannot forget that nothing can ever replace the simple effectiveness of a proper night’s sleep! Getting some good shuteye (7-9 hours a night for an adult) helps to negate and prevent a multitude of unwanted skin problems, including dark circles and under eye bags. Being well rested is also good for your overall mental health and appearance, as you’re more alert and attentive, along with less stressed. In fact, people who get more sleep than their tired peers have been proven to be more attractive due to their better sleeping patterns. So get some sleep! Your skin will thank you.

If you have any more questions, come on into the office after booking yourself a consultation by calling us at (212) 220-0776!

Marnie B. Nussbaum, M.D., FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in non-invasive aesthetic rejuvenation.

There is not a more caring, more attentive, smarter dermatologist than Dr Marnie Nussbaum. I trust her implicitly with anything and highly recommend her.

— Carolyn Rosen


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