Correcting Rough And Dull Skin Texture

New York City, New York

The truth is that we all want touchable, soft skin. The reality is that is rarely what we see in the mirror. At Marnie Nussbaum, MD, we know that achieving the skin texture and tone that you’re looking for doesn’t happen overnight, but we are committed to working with you on an expert treatment plan to get you there.
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    Patient of Dr. Nussbaum
    “It’s hard not to be influenced by the photoshopped images in magazines that show models’ skin looking perfect from every angle. While I can’t and won’t achieve that, I have the next best thing – regular appointments with a star dermatologist who keeps my skin looking A+.”
    Dr. Nussbaum
    “Addressing your skin texture and skin tone is one of the best ways to transform your whole look. It’s totally achievable with the right treatment plan and great skincare!”

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