Month: March 2021

The Correct Way to Remove Your Makeup

We all consider removing our makeup at the end of the day to be a simple and a no-brainer activity, but it turns out that mindlessly scrubbing away with a makeup wipe is by no means the best method of attack. Removing your makeup is much more involved than one would think. It’s not just getting the physical products off of our faces, but it’s also about maintaining the health and vibrancy of the skin under that makeup as well! Here are some important actions we can all take to ensure that we are removing our makeup the best way possible.

Just like with all things having to do with skincare, makeup remover can also be specialized for those with specific skin needs. For those with more oily/acne prone skin, I recommend La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Cleansing Water. For dry skin I recommend Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Melting Cleanser, and for those with sensitive skin, I recommend Avène XeraCalm A.D Cleansing Oil. For all-around makeup removal though, I recommend Micellar Water, though the brand doesn’t really matter. Now, on to removal techniques!

When removing eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, etc… it is paramount that we be slow and thorough in our makeup removal process. The skin around our eyes is sensitive and should be treated delicately with care. Avoid scrubbing away with a makeup wipe, as just vigorously going at it can dry out the skin, increase the appearance of fine lines and cause redness as well as irritation. Instead, take a cotton round (as opposed to cotton balls which just soak up product and can leave residue), soak some remover into it, and place it over the eye makeup, allowing it to sit for a few seconds. Doing this will allow for the remover to start to dissolve the makeup, loosening it from the skin around your eyes. After a little bit, the makeup should come right off, scrubbing not necessary!

To get a stubborn waterproof mascara off do the same soaking technique as before, but instead of directionless rubbing, gently press the cotton round down and move it slowly in the direction your lashes grow. This should cause the mascara to easily slide off! Make sure to do these steps enough to get ALL of the makeup off from around the eyes, as residue left behind can cause irritation over time. 

When moving onto the face, just be sure to be gentle when wiping off foundation, concealer, etc.  An important area of our face that is often missed or skipped in this process is our hairline! If our makeup is not removed properly, we can break out and cause irritation. This vital as our hairline contains hair follicles where oils tend to collect and cause acne. 

Now that all of our makeup is removed from our bare faces, it’s time to cleanse! This should be done after every time makeup and makeup remover is used. Just because the makeup is gone, doesn’t mean your skin is ready quite yet to hit the pillow. I always recommend a gentle cleanser after so much skin activity, as we don’t want to possibly irritate our skin any further. Use bare fingertips in circular motions, rinse gently and pat dry. Add your favorite serum or moisturizer to complete the process!

Now that we know the best ways to cleanse our skin of makeup, if you’re interested in learning more about treatments and what we can do to keep your skin at its best, book a consultation to come see us! Please remember that masks are mandatory for all appointments, and we encourage you to call the office to discuss all safety precautions being taken.

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Exfoliation Ins and Outs

When discussing skincare, the term ‘Exfoliation’ pops up constantly. It’s an important part of keeping our skin healthy and vibrant but what exactly is it? … and what does it do to our skin? Exfoliation, when it comes to our skin, is when we utilize one of two ways (physical scrubbing or chemical peeling) to slough off our dead skin cells. While our skin naturally does this for us once every 30 days, it’s beneficial to aid our skin along in its natural processes. Along with getting rid of our outer layer of dead skin as well removing any dirt or oil that may have accumulated over time, it also aids in the natural production of collagen. Collagen helps to keep our skin elastic, tight, supple and healthy. Collagen production naturally fades with age, therefore, the more we can induce our body to produce, the better our skin will look and feel. Exfoliation also has the added benefit of making our skin look brighter and more effervescent; never a bad look!

There are multiple ways to go about exfoliating our skin. The two forms of exfoliation consist of mechanical/physical exfoliation (scrubs) and chemical exfoliation (enzymatic chemical peels). Which we choose depends on how sensitive our skin is as well as personal preference. I tend to prefer chemical exfolations which range in mild to deep and consist of different types of alpha or beta hydroxy acids. Physical exfoliation scrubs that contain irregularly shaped beads or sharper ingredients can cause microtears in the skin which cause further inflammation and irritation. However, there are a few out there that are great. I caution every patient to not overexfoliate. Once or twice weekly maximum! It is super easy to do a simple exfoliation at home. For those who want a scrub, there are a multitude of products out there to fit whatever needs arise, whether they be skincare or financial. From the Kate Somerville Intense Exfoliating Treatment to the Simple Kind to Skin Face Scrub, your options are near endless! The same goes for at-home chemical peels, from the intense Natura Blisse Glyco Extreme Peel to The Ordinary AHA Peeling Solution. There’s something out there for everyone! That being said, when looking for a specific product for you, I recommend looking for formulas that have Glycolic Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acids. Start with a low potency and low frequency. You can always titrate concentration and frequency upwards! I also recommend looking for products with Salicylic Acid to help with inflammatory and comedonal acne (blackheads and whiteheads).

Of course, if you want a more personalized and/or more potent treatment that’ll guarantee an effective result, we offer completely customized Chemical Peels designed with you in mind, perfect for helping with skin discolorations, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. We also offer Fraxel Laser and Microneedling. Our Fraxel Laser can help with minimizing the appearance of acne scars and enlarged pores, along with evening out skin tone and texture. Coupling microneedling with either PRP or skin actives on the other hand is perfect for encouraging collagen production; thereby enabling your skin to look as full and beautiful as it can! We specialize in creating individualized treatment plans to reach your skincare goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about exfoliation and what we can do to keep your skin at its best, feel free to make an appointment. Please remember that masks are mandatory for all appointments, and you’re encouraged to call the office to discuss all safety precautions being taken.

Want more skin care tips and tricks? Follow me on Instagram where I answer all your questions as part of my #UnfilteredDerm Stories!