Month: December 2020

The Most Important Skincare Steps at Every Stage of Life

Are you looking for the most important skincare steps at every stage of life? Are there skincare products that work for all ages? Keep reading to learn the best skincare tips by age!

Skincare Tips by Age


Thankfully small children don’t need a lot beyond enough skincare to wipe the dirt off of their faces, and some simple moisturizer to prevent their skin getting chapped from dry weather. But what IS incredibly important for children is sunscreen! I recommend Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen, Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Stick, and Bioderma’s Photoderm Kid. And of course, a simple warm and soft cloth to wipe off the dirt and chocolate cake from their face after an eventful day!

During Puberty:

Here’s where skincare starts getting methodical. Oily, acne-prone skin? Depending on the level of oil, either a daily gentle cleanser or an exfoliant, followed up by a toner, then moisturizer. Personally, I like the Drunk Elephant line of products as they’re clean, simple, and great for just about all skin types. Another tip is to avoid super-hot showers unless you plan on moisturizing your body afterwards, as the scalding water can strip your body of its natural oils. We also have multiple anti-acne methods and treatments here at the office, including RF Microneedling Treatment and completely personalized Chemical Peels.

Once face shaving starts, make sure to wait for the aftershave to completely dry (10-15 min) before applying a moisturizer appropriate to your skin’s needs. And of course, always ALWAYS use sunscreen. For those with sensitive skin, try to find an Ultra-Light sunscreen like La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50. This helps prevent that sun damage and those premature wrinkles!

Post-Puberty/Young Adulthood:

Once your skin has hopefully calmed down a bit from the hormone roller coaster known as puberty, keep up with the gentle cleanser -> moisturizer -> sunscreen routine. Along with the established routine, I recommend a Vitamin C serum in the morning as it’s especially good at combating damage from free radicals! I recommend C E Ferulic by SkinCeuticals, but we also have a specialty-made Vitamin C serum, Alto Serum Defense, that you can get through us at the office! Now is also a good time to take care of any acne scars you may have accrued during your teens. There are many options for this kind of a procedure, including (but not limited to) Fraxel Laser Treatments. If you, like the best of us, still find yourself suffering from acne, then come into the office for some retinol, or more specifically, AlphaRet by SkinBetter (just know you cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding while using this product). In general, your best bet would be to come in for a specialized consultation so we can take care of your specific needs! It’s also at this time that I recommend a zinc-centric sunscreen to continue to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, such as Supergoop’s ZincScreen 100% Mineral Lotion and Sun Bum’s Clear Zinc.

Proper Adult:

Continuing with the cleanser -> moisturizer -> sunscreen routine from young adulthood, we now move into a time in our life where we are actively trying to prevent wrinkles. This can be done in a number of ways, the simplest having been following my life-long routine (which hopefully you’ve been doing since day one!), or something more substantial: utilizing preventative Botox. Can’t get wrinkles later in life if you stop them from forming, now can you? If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of preventative Botox, you’re always more than welcome to schedule a consultation!


Sunscreen is a life-long friend, a fact I want to emphasize every single day. But continuing along with our best skin-ally, we now move into the part of life where we put more effort into maintaining our good skin and its youthful qualities. This can come in many forms, from an anti-wrinkle facial cream (I like Olay Regenerist), to various eye creams (I like C-Tango Vitamin C Eye Cream). You can also utilize Hydrafacials and PRP Microneedling procedures to get more dramatic anti-wrinkle results, as these treatments utilize the may-as-well-be-magic Peptides. After the anti-wrinkle route, should you find yourself dealing with rosacea or sun spots as you age, then you can check out our Excel V+ treatment. This treatment targets and color-corrects unwanted discolorations along the epidermis.

Golden Years:

Since our bodies never really stop changing, and especially our skin, your skin routine during this time needs to turn focus to light, non-harsh methods of maintenance. Avoid exceedingly hot showers, utilize light and fragrance-free cleansers, and make sure to always moisturize after cleansing your skin. It is now important, more than ever, to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. And speaking of hydrated, make sure to drink lots of water! This goes for every stage of life but is incredibly important during your golden years. It is also during this time that you may want to try Ultherapy, a procedure all about lifting and tightening the skin. For something more dramatic, and to fill in the volume loss often experienced in our aging facial features, Dermal Fillers may be just for you.

Is there something that’s good at all stages in your skin’s life? There is! My Glow Pads are perfect for all skin types and can be purchased right here at the office! If you have any more questions about skincare tips by age, or you’d like to discuss various products and procedures that would work best with your skin, feel free to schedule a specialized consultation with us! You can find more information on skin health and beauty by subscribing to my newsletter and following me on Instagram where I answer all your questions as part of my #UnfilteredDerm Stories!

How to Reduce and Minimize Acne Scarring

When it comes to acne scars (and acne), there are SO MANY solutions out there for our troubles, even if they’re not immediately obvious. But while I can go on about treatments, lasers, creams, and needles all day, the most important weapon in the fight against acne scars is prevention! When dealing with acne, don’t pick! Don’t pop! Make sure to use good, clean cleansers (I recommend the Drunk Elephant line), and moisturizers that suit your skin type for immediately afterwards. If you’re interested, I also have written resources about helping to prevent acne, or “Maskne”, while wearing a face mask all day. The best offense is a good defense, so work on prevention even before considering solutions to problems that have yet to arise. That being said, once you do have acne scars, never fear! You have not been defeated, and there are many different treatment options to choose from to deal with facial acne scarring, fine lines, and enlarged pores.

Cleansers and moisturizing are ways to prevent acne, but what about if you have some on your face already and you want to avoid future scarring? When considering masks and creams, I always recommend looking for those with beta hydroxy acids, like the Clear-C Peeling Mask. This mask targets dead skin cells so you can say bye-bye to uneven skin texture. The alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic and lactic acid, are also great at clearing up pores. Plus, they can be slightly less irritating than salicylic acid. That being said, all of these ingredients are effective at reducing all types of acne, whether it be hormonal, comedonal, or inflammatory. For those with more sensitive skin, I recommend the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask (2oz). Acne and sensitive skin are a combo that’s all too common, but with a little love from this mask, you can sort out both issues in no time. Oatmeal is a soothing ingredient, which is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. This mask helps to rejuvenate distressed, dry, acne-prone skin, and with a little help from the added shea butter, will moisturize and protect the skin barrier.

If you’re looking for a more intense solution for your acne scars, then I have multiple options from which you can choose! My first recommendation is our personalized Chemical Peels, which can be adjusted to meet any and all needs. Along with the Chemical Peels, I like the RF Microneedling Treatment, an advanced skin treatment that combines microneedling, radiofrequency, and light therapy to contour and tighten the face. It also helps to minimize and treat large pores, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. Another great option for your acne scars is a Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. The Fraxel Laser is FDA approved, and helps to transform skin texture and tone, even for those who have advanced skin damage and scarring. It’s perfect for all skin types and tones, too. And make sure to ask about our Laser Genesis which kills bacteria and leaves an even tone while it peels!

If you’re interested in learning more about treatments and what we can do to keep your skin at its best, feel free to make an appointment to come in! Please remember that masks are mandatory for all appointments, and we encourage you to call the office to discuss all safety precautions being taken.

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