Month: August 2020

Causes and Treatments of Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Since we’ve been wearing masks while out and about in the world, a lot more attention is being paid to our eyes! Even if we can’t see all of each other’s faces, our eyes and their vibrancy have allowed us to remain expressive and connected to those around us. But with all that new and focused attention, I can’t help being more concerned about dark circles and under eye bags! So what specifically are dark circles and under eye bags, what’s the difference between them, and what can you do to treat yours?

Dark circles are exactly that — a darkness or discoloration of the delicate skin under your eyes, often caused by a mixture of genetics and skin tone. The under eye skin can also take on a bluish tinge due to the blood vessels directly below it, showing slightly through the delicate skin. Plus as we all know, dark circles can be intensified by a lack of sleep, so try your best to be well rested and hydrated!

Under eye bags are pretty self-explanatory as they are the swelling or “puffiness” of the skin under your eyes. These (at least their intensity) can be caused by genetics, but their appearance is also a natural part of the aging process. Other causes can be loss of natural elasticity, the loosening of the ligaments holding them in place, or protrusion of the under eye fat.

While dark circles and under eye bags are completely normal, there are various treatment options open to those who want to minimize or correct them. One of the options I offer is a Non-ablative Resurfacing Laser treatment, a skin rejuvenation treatment perfect for all skin tones, which promotes collagen remodeling to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and more. I also offer RF Microneedling to help to take away fine lines, and Ultherapy to tighten and lift the skin. All of these treatments are tailored to your skin’s specific and particular needs.

We also offer facial fillers and Botox treatments for your under-eye concerns, both of which should only ever be administered by board certified dermatologists or facial plastic surgeons!

A short-term option (and a personal favorite) is my Glow Pads! Perfect for every skin type, these nightly medicated multi-purpose pads help to brighten and smooth your skin with powerful AHA + BHA acids. Created specifically to be effective and all-inclusive, you can order your own by contacting our office! I also love SkinBetter InterFuse Treatment Cream and La Mer Eye Concentrate, as the formulas deeply condition the skin and help to soften the appearance of dark circles, surface discoloration, and unevenness. Another fabulous (and more affordable) product is the RoC Multi Correxion 5 in 1 Eye Cream. But most importantly, we can’t forget basic prevention! Large sunglasses and sunscreen are simple but effective actions when it comes to preventing unwanted skin damage.

Interested in more permanent or semi-permanent options to combat dark circles or under eye bags? Schedule a skin check with me anytime by calling (212) 220 0776, or book a consultation online! You can find more information on skin health and beauty by subscribing to my newsletter and following me on Instagram!